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Some Clare water customers asked to provide front door details

doorSome householders in Clare are being asked to specify the colour of their front door and provide details of their neighbours’ property so to ensure they are billed correctly by Irish Water.

The utility company says some properties with similar addresses are causing confusion on their database.

Irish Water says it is working to match an estimated 50,000 water meters to the right home after The Irish Examiner reported that a customer was asked to identify the colour of her front door and gate in an attempt to help Irish Water establish which meter was linked to her house.

The company said approximately 40% of Irish addresses are non-unique.

“These (properties) are predominantly in rural Ireland where people give their townland as their address, but in some towns some addresses could be given as ‘Main Street’ for example,” said Elizabeth Arnett, head of communications at Irish Water.

The revelation comes as on the same day that the Central Statistics Office confirmed that Irish Water has been provisionally placed on the Government’s balance sheet as one of the bodies included in the Central Government Sector.

The move means that borrowing by Irish Water would have to be included in Government borrowing figures under the Excessive Deficit Procedure.



One thought on “Some Clare water customers asked to provide front door details

  1. I say; NEVER !!!


    Posted by Marty Halpin | April 5, 2015, 7:18 PM

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