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Clare drivers clock up the most points


Pic Pat Flynn

Clare has the highest proportion of drivers with penalty points in the entire country.

An Irish Times analysis of road safety data shows almost one in four motorists in the county have received points.

By contrast, Donegal, had the lowest proportion of drivers with penalty points, almost half the rate recorded in Clare. Other counties with low rates include Monaghan, Kerry and Mayo.

The survey also finds that the proportion of road deaths was significantly higher for counties with low numbers of penalty points.

Monaghan has the most dangerous roads in the State, with 13 deaths per 100,000 people. Kerry and Donegal also have low penalty points, but their roads are more dangerous than most, with between eight and nine deaths per 100,000 population.




One thought on “Clare drivers clock up the most points

  1. statistics – damn lies and statistics. Is it the county or the visitors at fault? I’ve clocked up points in Clare but I’m living in Kerry.
    Donegal and Kerry are tourist counties. They have a lot of visitors. Are the Gardaí just policing the tourist counties and do the other counties get hammered for trivial offences and are these offences perpetrated in least risk locations.. ie 50KM zones. When will this cursed government get off our back.
    I’m law abiding but… god help the poor electoral candidates who venture on my doorway – I hope they know their electoral policy and convictions ‘cos I’ve had enough.
    Irish water is the biggest disgrace ever. Fine Gael did not represent my country in our bailout – WHATSOVER!!!!!.
    The Troika forced water charges on us – tell them Foff and repay the money borrowed – no interest – the loan was forced on us and so was this lousy water policy. Give me a politician who represents my views and he’ll have a loyal supporter. Go on – I bet ye all agree.


    Posted by Richard O'Sullivan | March 25, 2015, 12:51 AM

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