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Axe incident was ‘conceptual art’


The TV set with the axe imbedded in screen and (inset) Mr Mulqueen’s homemade banner

 A man arrested in a busy town square after smashing a TV set with an axe, has claimed he was engaging in ‘conceptual artwork.”

Dermot ‘President’ Mulqueen was arrested at lunchtime on Friday in O’Connell Square in Ennis after gardaí had received several calls reporting that a man with axe was pacing up and down in front of the town’s O’Connell monument.

At the time, the area was busy with shoppers as well as dozens of children on their lunchtime break from local schools. O’Connell Square is in the heart of Ennis where the town’s main streets intersect.

After a sizeable crowd had gathered in the area, and after taking several swings at a flatscreen television, Mr Mulqueen struck the TV set leaving the axe imbedded in the screen.

Within minutes several garda patrol cars arrived at the scene and while some officers moved bystanders away from the area, other gardaí approached Mr Mulqueen.

The axe was secured and seized while Mr Mulqueen was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. He was taken to nearby Ennis garda station where he was interviewed before being released without charge.

A short video of gardaí moving in to make the arrest later appeared on Facebook while another clip showed a man taking several swings at a TV set before striking it.

Mr Mulqueen also posted a message on his Facebook page stating that he would be in O’Connell Square on Friday to “commemorate International Holocaust Hoax Day.”

Mr Mulqueen has said: “I was arrested after creating a conceptual Artwork entitled ‘Liberation of the Mind’ by swinging an axe through my television at the O’Connell monument. The artwork was created on International Holocaust Hoax Day.”

He said he “discovered the Nazi Holocaust was a hoax in August 2013.”

Mr Mulqueen added: “The Holocaust is a religion of Psychological enslavement, that paved the way for the creation of Israel, and Zionist domination.”

Gardaí confirmed that a file on the incident will be prepared and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in due course for consideration.


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